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How To Succeed In Today’s Diverse Workplace

Managing Multi-Cultural Teams | Selling To Diverse Customers | Leadership Strategy
Everyone likes saying ‘Think Global, Act Local’ but few have the skills to do this successfully - navigating the complexity of a global marketplace while managing diversity within your organisation.
In today’s increasingly diverse global environment success is going to be determined by your ability to work and lead well across multiple cultural environments.

Cultural intelligence is no longer a nice to have, but a necessary skill for success in a changing world. CQ will determine success in the following areas for you and your organisation:

  • Leading effectively across cultures

  • Managing across multi-cultural and multi-regional teams

  • Selling to and connecting with diverse customers

  • Attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent

  • Driving innovation through diversity


In this presentation, you will understand the impact of culture in choices that people make every day and the impact it has on how they work, buy and view leadership. You will also learn the four critical skills to improve and leverage your cultural intelligence to succeed in a diverse global environment. Excellent presentation for business leaders, sales executives, team leaders and also for team members across the organisation.


As a certified CQ Associate Trainer with the Cultural Intelligence Center (, Buhle is able to offer your organisation or team full/multi day workshops complete with assessments and action plans. 

Take Home Value
  • Lead effectively across cultures

  • Manage across multi-cultural and multi-regional teams

  • Sell to, and connect with, diverse customers

  • Attract, retain and develop diverse talent

  • Drive innovation through diversity

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