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Buhle Dlamini Global Speaker

Enabling teams to unleash their greatness, make the most of the diversity in ‘the new world of work’, creating effective, inclusive workplaces that result in exponential growth. 

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Buhle Dlamini is a top global speaker helping organizations navigate the future of people and work.  He brings expertise in Cultural Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion, gained from years of experience working with companies around the globe. He helps teams and leaders to create an inclusive culture to unleash their full potential for greatness.

He met and worked with iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela and received an award from Desmond Tutu. He has been faculty for executive leadership programs by Cornel University and Duke Corporate Education, as well as the United Nations Global Executive Leadership Initiative (GELI). He weaves his personal story of success over adversity in all his presentations connecting with audiences at a personal and professional level.

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Buhle Dlamini's proven keys to Unleashing Your Greatness will guide you in how to:

  • Stand out and Be Who You Be

  • Live Your Values

  • Courageously Pursue Excellence

  • Unleash A Winning Attitude

  • Create Your Own Future

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Unleashing Your Greatness

Unleashing-your-greatness Book
Unleashing Your Greatness

"You delivered on what you were briefed to do, and I personally was quite impacted by your words and storytelling.  I knew it would be Good, but watching it unfold to be Great was a real pleasure."

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