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Future of Work


 Buhle Dlamini is a global keynote speaker based in Canada and South Africa.


As a member of Tomorrow Today Global he speaks worldwide enabling you to make the most of the future world of work, manage across generations and create effective, inclusive workplace! 


His delivery style is personal, laced with unforgettable humour, story-telling, and applicable business solutions.


Raised in a rural village in South Africa, Buhle beat the odds to become an international entrepreneur and top global speaker. 

He met and worked with iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela and received an award from Desmond Tutu. He weaves his personal story of success over adversity in all his presentations connecting with audiences at a personal and professional level.


Now based in Canada, with an office in South Africa, he regularly travels between the two countries as well as the USA, Europe and other places around the world. 

  • A Guest Speaker for top companies.

  • Over 14 years of global professional speaking and consulting experience.

  • Founder of Young & Able (SA) and Mindgro Consulting (Canada)

  • Co-founder member of Heartlines TV Series in South Africa.

  • Co-founder of Columba Leadership Academy in South Africa.

  • Expert in Organisational Culture Strategy, and Cultural Intelligence.

  • Winner of Two Entrepreneurship Awards.

  • Desmond Tutu award recipient.

  • Holds Harvard University Certificate in Fundamentals of Strategy. 

  • Tomorrow's World Today (Future Trends) 

  • South Africa in the 2020s

  • Mind The (Generation) Gap

  • Creating Winning Culture

  • Unleashing Your Greatness

  • Creating Inclusive Culture

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • And more

Keynote Speaker Buhle Dlamini
Keynote Speaker Buhle Dlamini


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Future of Work Buhle Dlamini
Future of Work Buhle Dlamini

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Awards and Accolades

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Keynote Speaker Buhle Dlamini
Keynote Speaker Buhle Dlamini


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Power Of A Dream


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Unleashing Your Greatness Book

Buhle Dlamini's proven keys to unleashing your greatness will guide you in how to: Stand out and Be Who You Be Live Your Values Courageously Pursue Excellence Unleash A Winning Attitude and Create Your Own Future